Eddie, Peyton & Kobe's First Bday

Sunday, November 27, 2011 | |

Happy Birthday Triplets!

The USS Lincoln

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 | |

Yes, this was a while back, but I am just now getting around to posting it. A few weeks ago L.A. had Navy week. The Navy brought in a fleet of ships and docked them down in the L.A. Harbor. The biggest and most popular being the Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier, USS Lincoln. I really wanted to go down and take a tour of the Carrier, but people were up to 4 hours to get on the ship. So instead I waited til late Sunday afternoon, after the tours were done and rode my Harley down to the harbor to check it out from across the channel. Now trust me when I tell you this ship is big, and when I mean big, I mean BIG. It made the usual cargo ships that frequent that harbor look like private yachts. If one ever happens to float on in again, I will try to see it up close.

Camping Again

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 | |

So the family made another trip to our favorite spot to go every summer. Twin Lakes, Mono Village, right outside of Bridgeport, CA. And when I say the family, I mean they whole family. Last year it was just Tia and I. This year we had my mom, dad, brother, nephew along with us. It was a great time and couldn't have spent it with better people.

The trip started with us driving north up highway 99 through the San Joaquin Valley. When hit Merced we headed north-east into the western side of the Sierra's to historic Highway 49. Highway 49 runs along the west side of the Sierras hitting a number of small mining towns that came about from the Gold Rush of 1849. We visited Jamestown, Columbia State Park and spent the night in Sonora. The picture above is from a steam locomotive that is in Railtown State Historis Park in Jamestown.

Nate in the Columbia Jail

After we spent the night in Sonora, we made our way to the eastside of the Sierra mountain range. The Sierra's are a rugged mountain range with only a handful of roads that lead west-east over the range. Ebbett's Pass was the road we took up and over. A great drive with lots of scenery. Near the very top of the pass is Mosquito Lake just above the 8000ft level. Here we are, in early July and the lake is still frozen. This was crazy to see.

Our Vacation Destination. Well sort of. We stay in the Mono Village Campground which is about a 13 mile drive west out of Bridgeport. It is such a small cute town and they have the best 4th of July parade every year. 

Here is Nate standing in front of one of the old restored vehicles that make up the parade. Most of the people in the parade were throwing candy out to the kids. So that is what has his attention, not this awesome truck.

This is a town of only about 800, yet they are able to raise about $12,000 every year for a 4th of July fireworks fireworks show. This was not some little show, it was an awesome that would rival Disneyland. With the campground being back in the mountains, we drove back towards town til we can see the town from a small bluff and took in the fireworks. This was the first time I got a chance to show fireworks and I am pretty excited about the result.

Here I widened the angle of the shot and let the picture expose as a car drove by. I like the result.

A shot at dusk of the mountain ridge behind our campsite.

Of course every year we go out here we have to visit Bodie. Here is our dog Bodie next to the sign of the town of Bodie for which he is named after.

Old barn in Bodie

Bodie Outhouse

My Wife's favorite, the Bodie Motel picture.

We visited Virginia City later in the week which is also an old mining town such a Bodie. However this town still thrives as a tourist stop now. Here is the Virginia & Truckee Railroad Diesel Engine that we rode on.

Back in the campground we took a hike up to the water fall that fills the lake at the campground up. The Sierra's had record snowfall this year and the snow and water was just crazy up there. The picture above shows the mountain range that sits over the back side of the campground.

And finally I leave you with the shot of the falls above the campground.

Jason & Dana

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 | |

Yet again it has been some time since my last post. Well Mother's Day was coming around and moms love pictures of their kids. So Jason and Dana decided some pictures would go as an awesome gift.

Parker is 1

Sunday, February 27, 2011 | |

Happy First Birthday to my beautiful niece Parker!

Seal Beach Pier

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 | |

Well, with the holidays, a new house, moving, etc, I have not been able to get out with my camera in a while. I started having photography withdrawels. So, itching just to shoot something, I decided to pack up some of the gear and head down to Seal Beach to grab some dinner and snap off a few pics. Take a look and let me know how you like them.

San Fran Trip

Friday, December 24, 2010 | |

It has been a long time since I was last in San Francisco. In fact so long ago, I can barely remember anything about it. I think I was somewhere around 8-10 years old when I was there last. I have always wanted to go back as I hear San Francisco is a town you must experience to enjoy. Well, it just so happened that a friend of mine who helps coach the Seattle Seahawks was going to be in San Francisco playing the 49ers. Me being a huge 49er fan, I jumped at the chance to see my friend who I haven't seen in a while, see my 49ers in action for the first time and to see the city of San Francisco. I must say, it is like nothing here in the Southern California, and probably like nothing anywhere else in the U.S.

Of course being there in the month of December, San Fran was overcast everyday. The last day there, it cleared up just enough for use to get a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge. With the conditions present, this is the best shot I got out of it.

Of course I had to get the obligatory Alcatraz shot in their.

Looking back to the northern point of San Fran at Ghirardelli Square (My favorite part of the trip. I love chocolate!). Fisherman's Wharf is off to the left and you can see Downtown in the distance most recognized by the tall pyramid shaped Trans-America Building.

The fog in San Francisco is nothing I have ever seen before. It would move in an out so fast, almost as if it were alive. I swear everyday we were there, around 4 o'clock it would thicken but the sun would come through the clouds and glow through the fog. It was an almost unreal scene that made for some epic shots.

San Francisco truly is a historical city. They're are major landmarks every you were you turn in the city. The Old Ferry Building is a great example of architectural restoration. Not to mention some really cool shops inside now.

The "F" train, which we rode quite often since we used public transportation all 3 days we were there. Another great example of historical restoration. All the trolleys used on the F line were restored cars used else where in the world. We even got in one that was purchased used from Italy and restored. It still had all the signs inside in Italian.

Old restored fishing boats next to Fisherman's Wharf

Even all the houses in the City of San Francisco are pieces of history. You can see old Victorian homes on almost every street in the city. This row of houses is know as the Painted Ladies is a famous example of classic Victorian architecture in the city. Its also know for the awesome view of the SF skyline beyond it and for...of course... Full House

Of course the reason for the trip! to watch MY FortyNiners! I was pretty happy with my zoom lens. This picture was taken from pretty close to the top.

Yeah, this play resulted in TD number 3...40 points by my team this game...It was a great game..sorry Dave. I still hope you win the division.

Zoomed all the way in to the press box across the stadium and saw Brian Billick!

And a final picture of the gang in front of the Painted Ladies